WSSC Becomes Official

Maryland Gov. Emerson Harrington signed the Act of 1918 that formed the Washington Suburban Sanitary District. The measure took effect May 1, 1918.

Maryland created Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) to oversee the Sanitary District and play a vital role in the public health of the region. At the time, only 30,000 people lived in the service area. By 1933, a mere 15 years later, the population more than doubled to 65,000. Initially, Prince George’s and Montgomery counties’ service area covered only the more populated 95 square miles close to D.C. One hundred years later, WSSC services almost the entire acreage of the counties, with exception of Bowie and Rockville for water service.

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Water Fund


Supporting our neighbors when they need help the most.

WSSC is committed to making water and sewer bills more affordable. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Water Fund. Established in 1994 by WSSC employees, the Water Fund helps residential customers who are experiencing financial hardship pay their water/sewer bills. It is funded through the generous donations of customers, community members and WSSC employees. The Salvation Army, in each county, administers the Water Fund. Learn more at

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History Book

Beyond The Pipes

A Century of Serving Our Community

Beyond the Pipes is a visual history book that provides a historic account of our community’s water and wastewater infrastructure with untold stories and compelling images. Learn how environmental stewardship, public health and economic development intersect with passion, work ethic and community partnership.

The WSSC centennial anniversary book details the 100-year journey of an innovative, water utility in service to our neighbors of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. This hard-cover keepsake includes a visual timeline including local history and never-before seen photos from the WSSC archive.

All proceeds from Beyond the Pipes go to WSSC Water Fund, to assist our neighbors who need financial assistance with water and sewer bills.

ISBN: 978-0-692-94952-8

Media Kit

WSSC Materials

Over one hundred years ago, WSSC’s founders created the groundwork for a system now recognized as one of the leaders in the world for water systems. Today, safe drinking water and innovative water resource recovery remain as vital as ever. Balancing the needs of the present while protecting the environment for future generations ensures access to a life essential — clean water.

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